3 Year-Old Rides Around Backyard with 6 Year-Old Named Lady

Sianna had so much confidence doing this!

Here’s the description from the video:

Sianna & Lady in september 2011. Sianna had figured out how to get on lady and I just had to grab the camera. What a cute video of Sianna doing it all by herself. Sianna is 3 and Lady is a 6 year old AQHA mare.

GableStable – YouTube

Here are a few comments from others:

“Ok, the thing that amazed me is that the horse is actually trotting all the way around the circle even just with the little tiny kid telling her what to do! Bombproof horses that aren’t also significantly lazy are rare but valuable horses.” – Olivia Cass

“What a good mare! That person did an amazing job training such a sound girl. Good for them!” – Christine Flannery – Jones

“What a fantastic mare! I love how she starts licking happily when Sianna FINALLY gets on. Great horse and great momma for that little girl (both the horse and the human). I’ve always wished my own sons had been so interested, I would have shared my own love for horses and riding with them.” – Marina Dobbie

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