6 Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes for Your Horse

Halloween is coming and if you need a costume for your horse, this is important.

Now I’m not talking expensive or elaborate. Those kinds of beautiful cosplays have their place, but sometimes you just need something that’s maybe a little bit quicker, a little bit easier, a little bit less expensive and you don’t always have a lot of time to pull something out of your butt.

So here are six costumes that you can make for your horse, ranging from the cheapest and easiest to a little more elaborate.

#1. Black Cat

This works best on a black or a dark horse, obviously, but I guess technically you could do it with any color horse. If you do it with a lighter colored horse, if you’re determined to turn your gray pony into a black cat, you’re going to need a lot of hairspray. At Walmart, Target, any of those places like that, you’re going to be able to find a Halloween section where there are body paint and hairspray that is non-toxic. In this video, when I’m talking about body paint and hairspray, I’m talking about nontoxic, human-grade, type things.

The cat ear headband can be found at the Dollar Tree or at Walmart, in the Halloween section, someplace like that. Take some white pipe cleaners and twist them around the sides of the noseband of a bridle or halter, and you’ve got whiskers.

And take some pink face makeup and paint a pink triangle on the snoot. So cat headband, pipe cleaner whiskers, pink triangle on the snoot. Boom, you got a black cat.

Special note, when dealing with makeup and horses, it will rub off. So take special care that you don’t let your horse rub his face against your expensive clothes or your costume or something like that. And of course, the companion costume for a black cat is a witch, you can dress as a witch and then your horse can be your black cat.

#2. Reindeer

I know it’s not Christmas yet, y’all settle down, it’s a costume. This costume works best on a chestnut or a bay horse. Spray your horse’s belly and chest with the white hairspray.

Take your antler headband and put it on his browband. Finally, take your red makeup and paint a large red circle on your horse’s snoot, and voila, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. If you don’t want to use makeup for your Rudolph’s nose, you can always use a large red pom-pom ball or a Rudolph nose that you find at the dollar store and then just tie it off the noseband of your horses, halter or bridle. And of course the companion costume to this be a Christmas elf, just dress in red and green, maybe with some striped stockings and a little elf hat you can find at the dollar store.

#3. Cow

The cow costume works best on a Paint Horse but you could also do a black or white horse if you’re doing a black horse, get some white body paint and spray paint. If you’re doing a white or a gray horse, then get yourself some black body paint or spray paint.

We turned our Tex into our cow, so I got some black body paint and some black spray paint to paint spots on his body. And that’s the first part of it. And then to make the antlers, I took a devil headband and I broke it and took the headband part out of it. So then I just had the horns and then I spray painted them white and I couldn’t find my black electrician’s tape.

So I use duct tape to put it on the sides of his halters. Position them accordingly so it looks cowy. For the spots I did body paint for the spots and then I used hairspray to make the edges of the spots a little bit crisper and to fill in any patchy areas. And of course a good companion costume to the cow would be a cowgirl.

#4. Pirate Horse

Don’t panic. Yes, we’ve gotten to the sewing ones, but I’m going to give you some tips along the way so that you can maybe make these no-sew projects, if sewing is just not one of your best skills. For the headscarf, take two red bandanas and fold them into triangles. Then take those triangles and either stitch or hot glue them together here in the middle and I just did it really loosely so that it’s all kind of like that. Then you put it on top of their head and then you tie the sides and their ears come through the sides here. So it’s like a little diaper that goes on top of their head.

For the rein covers, you just need to take black fabric and make a tube with it. So the rains go through here. And then into the seam on the bottom, I have sewn this gold coin trim that I found at JOANN Fabric. Slide those on the reins and instant pirate. For the pirate saddle pad, take some white fleece, cut out a skull and crossbones shape, and then either stitch or hot glue that right onto your black saddle pad. And of course your companion costume for that is just pirate.

#5. Medieval Horse

You need fabric in two contrasting colors. Now this costume has a short supply list, but it’s a little bit complicated in execution. So I’m just going to give you the rough outline of it. It can be done without sewing, but you’re going to work a lot harder that way. So this one is recommended if you have a little bit of sewing skill. You need to measure out exactly how much fabric you need.

And for this, the best way is just to use a saddle pad and measure exactly how much fabric you’re going to need. And you want to remember to add several inches to each side. You want it be larger than your actual saddle pad. And don’t forget to add an extra half a yard or so for your rein covers. I made mine in two pieces and stitched it together with a seam right here at the top.

So mine actually does a little bit of a curve. You can make it flat and straight if you like. So for the barding on the edges, you can either make a paper pattern for it and then cut that out, making sure you leave a seam allowance around the edges. And honestly, if it seems too complicated for you, you can make a scalloped edge. You can make a curved edge, you can do triangles, you can do whatever you want. You can even just forget this altogether and just do one plain tube, one strip of fabric and then just use those to cover the reins. And then when you add your contrasting fabric appliques, you can just add those along the rein covers and it’ll give the same effect.

This is what you’re contracting fabric is for. You obviously don’t need as much of the contrasting fabric as you do the actual fabric, so cut out your embellishments. They can be stars, hearts, diamonds, triangles, whatever kind of shape that you want to use to embellish your creation. Then you can either stitch or hot glue the appliques in place. The most frustrating part of this costume, trust me, is the measurements. Measure twice, cut once. When in doubt, get a whole extra yard of fabric. And of course the companion costume to this is either a knight or a princess.

#6. Unicorn

This is the simplest supply list of all. All you need is a unicorn horn. The simplest and cheapest version of the unicorn costume is just to go to the dollar store, get one of the little unicorn headbands they have, and then just stick it on your horse like this. There you go. Instant unicorn. Costs you a dollar. You’re done. Bye-bye. Another option is to purchase one that is specifically made for horses. There are lots of Etsy shops that do different kinds of unicorn horns, so you can shop around there and see which ones strike your fancy or fit within your budget. If you’re feeling ambitious and adventurous, you can always make your own according to my process. I make all my unicorn horns myself. I did a series of live streams on the process that I use to make them, so if you’re interested in making your own according to my process, I will link part one right up here and you can check that out and get started.

Besides the horn, there are other unicorny embellishments that you can add. You can braid flowers into the hair. There are all kinds of fake butterflies and birds. Ribbons, leis, things like that that you can braid into your horse’s mane or to add onto their bridle. For a little bit of added embellishment, you can use colored hairspray on your horse’s mane and tail to turn their mane and tail pink or purple or whatever your favorite color is. For magical hooves, I use glitter hairspray or silver hairspray and then use a polyurethane sealer over the top of it to keep it from coming off. You do not have to just do this on gray horses. Unicorn costumes are for more than just gray horses, okay. Bay, Paint and chestnut horses all make beautiful unicorns. Not every unicorn has to be pastel rainbow, okay.

What do you think?

Written by Brendan Wenzel

Created Cute n' Country in 2014 with my wife Sarah. Outside of this website, I help businesses use the internet to get more customers! It worked for Cute n' Country :)


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