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63-Year-Old Bronc Rider Shares His Story and Life Philosophy

This guy is my hero! I love the part where he talks about how he could hitchhike from California to Florida with just a saddle.

You’re going to love this guy’s spirit and overall passion for horses!

Here are the transcripts of the video:

Randy Johnson: A lot of people had their idols like Elvis Presley or the Beatles, mine was a couple of guys and one of them rodeo’d.

Randy Johnson: You know, you’re strapping yourself on an animal that can kill you. Whoever says they’re not a little bit scared, they’re lying.

Speaker 2: How many of you were with us last year? halfway out of this area, and he got thumped. 65 years young, this buckaroo, Randy Johnson.

Randy Johnson: Alright.

Randy Johnson: My grandparents raised me, not my dad. I never knew my dad. I wanted to be popular because I wasn’t, I was raised poor. I was really too little to play football, and to be able to ride a horse, a bucking horse and win, that brought me to the popular table. A saddle will get you a ride quicker than gas can. You can hitchhike from here to Florida if you got a saddle. I’ve been in every state but Alaska and Hawaii and rodeo’d most of them towns or if I didn’t rodeo, I picked the job up putting shoes on a horse or breaking a horse. That’s about all I know.

Luke Branquinho: What can you say about Randy Johnson? 63 year old bronc rider, you know, that’s, that’s wanting to be a cowboy right there. Saddle bronc riding to me is classic event in rodeo. I mean there’s so much finesse, so much beauty. If you really sit back and watch how these guys are so fluid with their feet.

Randy Johnson: A lot of it is finesse. If you can get in rhythm with that horse soon as you comes out of the gate. It’s like sitting in a chair, just hang on for another jump, hang on for another jump. Hang on for one more jump buddy, you got this.

Luke Branquinho: But when something goes wrong, then it turns into a major wreck, and that’s I think the draw to these Cowboys.

Randy Johnson: You got to have a little bit of craziness to get on a horse that is not broke and that will can break you.

Ralph Lawston: I like a horse has got some, some sting to it. You know that may be a little hard to handle. We all like one the bucks, but if you’re going to breed them, you might as well breed something into your like. But I just liked the big stout feather footed horses that have a lot of sting, and a lot of heart. Just out in the field then they can run 35 40 mile an hour, they can flat and get with it.

Randy Johnson: Oh, I broke every bone size, my neck and my back, both arms, both legs, I got kicked in the face and knocked out seven teeth, lost three fingers roping off in the saddle horn. It’s a young man’s sport.

Ralph Lawston: There’s guys that are in their 50s still doing it, but their reflexes are not as good and you don’t bounce back as the new and you get. The older you get, you know boy you just don’t get up anymore as quick as he used to.

Randy Johnson: I don’t want to be old, you know my heart tells me you ain’t. My body says are.

Ralph Lawston: The first time I met Randy. Well, I got a phone call. I said, I’m a little bit leery about him. He’s in his sixties or whatever, but he wants to get in. So I said, “Oh man, I don’t know.” And he showed up and he had this, I don’t know where he got this piece of old Riyadh. It looked like it had been in somebody’s barn for 50 years hanging on the wall and he wound up getting bucked off, but he jumped right up and did a little dance in the arena and the crowd loved him. So the next year they got a bunch of phone calls wanting to know if the skinny old man was coming back. And that’s exactly what they asked for.

Randy Johnson: Even in the grocery store I got people coming up to me and say, “are you not guy that ride, rode them horses and the old man that’s sliding horses in the rodeo?” First thing they said, “man you crazy”. Well, I said, I recon so.

Speaker 3: Lift, lift and hussle, lift and hussle.

Randy Johnson: Alright.

Speaker 3: Lift and hussle.

Randy Johnson: I ain’t never going to grow up. I’m old but I ain’t never growing up. You’re judged by that third and fourth try and last, and I think I got one more try.

What do you think?

Written by Brendan Wenzel

Created Cute n' Country in 2014 with my wife Sarah. Outside of this website, I help businesses use the internet to get more customers! It worked for Cute n' Country :)


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