We scoured the internet for some of the most touching posts this Father's Day. Here you guys go:

2 years ago my step dad sat in this spot on the Appalachian Trail right before beginning chemo. This morning, my mom sat in the same spot to watch the sunrise on our first Father’s Day without him.

Source: Jordsimill on Reddit

⚠️Under Construction ⚠️ Isn’t that how everything is really? For me, my relationship with my Dad is just that. Growing up, I never knew if he would be there or not... if I would be forgotten that day, or how late he would be getting home from work. There was absolutely no consistency and a long history of buying me gifts to show he “loved” me. Here’s the thing y’all... you can’t change someone else. I forever found myself asking why can’t my dad be more like my Pop (my grandfather). I constantly compared him to my Pop and held him to that standard and when he disappointed me by not meeting my expectations I became angry... but I can’t make my dad show up or do what he says he will... I can only do the best I can to maintain a relationship with him. Scroll through for the last photo. It means so much to me because it truly shows the heart of this struggle. ♥️ I wanted my Pop to walk me down the aisle. He said he did not want to offend my Dad. So I said... how about you both do... and just in case he doesn’t show up you can take the lead? He laughed and agreed. That’s just how we dealt with it... with humor, but also a sense of respect. He may not be the perfect father, but he’s the father God gave me... so that means something. ♥️ If you are struggling in a parental relationship right now, my thoughts are with you. Man is it hard, but do your best to salvage the relationship if you can. They may not be the parents we could have crafted and molded ourselves, but they have a huge part in shaping who we are... and we need to remember that! Love you guys and happy Father’s Day! #fathersday2018 #fathersbegoodtoyourdaughters #thedarlingmovement #knoxvilleblogger #theglittergospel #fatherdaughterdance #fathersday #relationshipadvice #photosinbetween #myweddingday #delawareweddings #theknotweddings #theknotrealweddings #jcrewaddict #theeverydaygirl

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President John F. Kennedy with his son, John F. Kennedy, Jr., in the Oval Office, White House, Washington, DC - 25 May 1962.

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