Lee Brice Helps A Military Widow Honor Her Husband With This Truck


Music can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. It can evoke emotions and conjure up memories in a way that nothing else can. Melodies and lyrics can represent people, places, and things from our past, and can keep the memory of a loved one no longer with us alive in our heart. We often look at those artists who created the soundtrack to our favorite memories with a high level of reverence and appreciation. It is through their music that we are able to connect to an emotion or a loved one in a deep and meaningful way.

Ginger Gurley Gilbert Ravella lost her solider husband Troy after he was killed in action while deployed in Iraq. Troy was killed in 2006, but before he was sent on that fatal deployment, he was forced to sell his third generation family-owned truck. The song “I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice meant a great deal to Ginger, as it reminded her of her husband and both filled her will love and sadness. The song helped her feel connected to her husband in a way that filled her with comfort, but also filled her with sadness to think of the truck that her husband loved so dearly, and had to sacrifice.

In 2015, Ginger had the unique opportunity to tell Lee Brice in person what the song meant to her. She was able to share with him her story, and the story of her husband, and she was able to share her gratitude for his music and the way it connected her with her late hero husband.

Brice, obviously moved by the widow, gifted Ginger with a new memory to associate with the song. “There it was,” said Ginger, “a photo of Troy’s truck. Then he said, ‘It’s parked out back.’”

It had taken him a year, but Lee Brice found her husband’s 1992 Chevy Silverado 1500.

“I cannot express the deepest places my soul has been touched. I woke up this morning and cried into my pillow as the whole evening played over and over in my heart. The humble gratitude I feel is almost unbearable,” Ginger said. “How could I ever repay such a debt as this to so much people? God’s tender love and compassion for our loss continues to overwhelm me.”

Thank you, Ginger and your family for your sacrifice. Thank you Lee Brice for being the kind of man who seeks to heal the heart of those who are hurting. And ultimately, thank you Troy Gilbert for your ultimate sacrifice in the service of protecting our freedom.



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