Jason Aldean Thinks You Can Take Your 'Bro-Country' and Shove It


Jason Aldean Thinks You Can Take Your 'Bro-Country' and Shove It

In an interview before his show at Hershey Park Stadium in Hershey Pennsylvania, Aldean spoke out against those who consider him “a card-carrying member of the bro-country scene” and is against the term in general.

“It bothers me because I don’t feel like it’s a compliment. To me, it’s sort of a backhanded thing that comes from a very narrow-minded listener, and I don’t know who came up with that ridiculous term.” Aldean said in an interview with Penn Live.

The term “bro-country” was coined in 2013 by music journalist Jody Rosen and quickly became associated with musicians who sing about what is considered overtly macho themes – beer, women, and partying.

Aldean is not the first artist to defend his music and is not the first country musician to push back against the term “bro-country.”

And it isn’t just the male country musicians on the defensive! In an April interview to Billboard Magazine, singer Miranda Lambert came to the defense of her country musician counterparts. Miranda said: “I don’t know where ‘bro-country’ came from or what it really means, but a lot of those guys are my buddies and I ­support their music.”

Aldean also points out that while some of his songs might fall into the definition of “bro-country,” he has also written several songs that are of significantly more substance. “If you would take a minute and look at my catalog of songs over the years, there are songs that, I guess, fit whatever the hell that description of ‘bro-country’ is, but at the same time we’ve got songs like ‘Fly Over States’ and ‘The Truth’ and ‘Amarillo Sky.’” Aldean said in the same interview with Penn Live.

What do you think? Is it time to lay off bro-country? Or is this a music genre term with staying power?


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6 Responses

Amanda Fischer

July 15, 2017

Love him, love his wife, love his music. His music is his and we make it a part of us by listening. Labeling it is just ridiculous!! Smile. Worry about yourself. Live Life and Love!


January 06, 2017

The way I see it, is like this in my opinion. If the label deems a classification on listeners who are the audience and he has a hugh crowd following in his music genre, and it sells, why tamper with success? Men drinking beer chasing women and partying… I’d call it “Mo-Country” bring it on More-Country. Overshadow the label – out with the old in with the new label Mo-Country.

Gary pettit jr

October 30, 2016

No I don’t think Jason aldean should be in hot water for saying you can take your bro country and shove it it’s a free country everyone’s allowed there own opinion
Right on Jason Aldean I love your music and would love to become good friends with ya keep up the good work brother godbless you man


October 12, 2016

Just a fine singer. Lay off the slang. He is right. He is a wonderful Country singer, period

Diana Lishman

October 12, 2016

Jason Aldean shouldn’t have to defend himself! He has fans that absolutely love him and his music and I for one, am #1!!!!! He will always have haters along with other musicians, but the fans are the ones who matter the most! I love him and all his music!!! Jason Aldean… We, your fans, love you!!! Keep the music coming!!!

Barbara Gilliam

September 07, 2016

Why do people have to find something to complain about all the time is life really that boring

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