Blake Shelton Dishes With Chelsea Handler About His Relationship


Blake Shelton Dishes With Chelsea Handler About His Relationship

We can’t seem to get enough news about the romance between Blake Shelton and his girlfriend, pop songstress Gwen Stefani. The couple is just way too adorable for words! Recently, Blake sat for an interviewed with Chelsea Handler, and some of the questions got pretty darn personal… Not that we have any problems with that!

He talks very candidly about what brought him and Gwen together, saying that their relationship was fate and “meant to happen.” The two of them started out as co-workers, but a friendship grew quickly.

The two stars were both experiencing similar troubles of the heart and by sharing their stories the friendship began blossoming into love. Blake agrees that he is happier now than he has ever been in his life, even though he doesn’t make too many public statements about the relationship for fear that it will “jinx” their happiness.

Even so, we’re glad that he did take the time to catch us up on their romance, and of course we’re thrilled that these two have found such happiness with each other!

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below:


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3 Responses

Jenna Buehring
Jenna Buehring

December 02, 2016

I never liked Miranda Lambert especially cause the way she treated Blake Shelton hes a sexy man and hes such an amazing country artist he dresses well and I love all his music I’ve always wanted to meet him and if he was really in my life I’d be so thankful and happy I always think of him everyday and I always think man I wish I can go to his concert or that one day he’d show up at my work but Blake Shelton has always been my favorite artist ever him and Luke Bryan and some others are great but Blake Shelton is such an angel and hes so adorable and I wrote him Christmas cards I hope he has such a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year and if he ever came to my work then he would know that I care cause I always talk about how much I wanna meet him and a lot of my friends will say that I have I’m from a small town called elcampo Texas but I hope all the wonderful artist have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year god bless all Blake Sheltons fans and hope all of his fans and him have a safe Christmas and happy new year

 Pauline Goguen
Pauline Goguen

September 21, 2016

We shouldn’t judge because we don’t know what went on behind closed door concerning the divorce!! I just want to puke when I hear him saying he turned his life over to God… Savior song??? Pleazzzz if he would’ve turned his life over to God he wouldn’t of been bashing Miranda Lambert left and right, after he met Gwen, and cursing! and he wouldn’t be singing “she’s got a way with words”…

You’re so full of it
“We were put on this earth to help one another, and if you can’t help them at least don’t hurt them”

Peggy Stewart Miller
Peggy Stewart Miller

July 28, 2016

I think it’s time people leave them alone as well as Miranda and let go on with there lives just as some of us who are not stars do after a divorce .They are great singers and that’s what everybody should be looking at.Not gossiping on who did what.They are human the same as us.I wish all three the best of luck.

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