Blake Shelton’s Twitter War with Ex-Fan


Blake Shelton’s Twitter War with Ex-Fan

As tough as it is to accept sometimes, the truth about life is that not everyone is going to like you all of the time. Even superstars have to deal with the occasional hater, and sometimes things can get pretty out of hand.

Blake Shelton has recently learned this life lesson the hard way. All things considered, we think the country star has dealt with the naysayers pretty graciously.

This past month, Blake was embroiled in a vicious Twitter war with a troll who just wouldn’t leave him alone. This rude former fan called Blake out in front of his entire Twitter audience, spewing venom in a very public display of nastiness.

But Blake didn’t lose his cool under those hateful words. Instead, he turned the tables on the Twitter bully, answering back in the coolest and funniest way ever. It just goes to show you that not even celebrities are immune to criticism.

We’ll be sure to take a lesson from Blake about handling bullies like that: there’s no need to fight dirty, just laugh it off — and those haters will be history!



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December 29, 2016

Blake love ur music a lot and it don’t matter who your with as long as you are happy with your life and your not hurting any one.
Be happy and God bless you for the songs you sing cause it touches your fans lives in ways that a lot of people can’t even say.
Thank you for your music


November 16, 2016

Blake you are to much man to let the small things in in the way. You are warm and loving and it shows. Continue to make good choices in life. Not sure Miranda or Gwen are your sole mate however but there is one for you


November 16, 2016

I love u Blake but no love for you & Gwen…plz go back where you belong w Miranda….or ANYONE bsides Gwen. Yall dont fit together like you & M.


November 06, 2016

I think sometimes we forget we are all, superstars and the homeless alike, human. We will ALL make mistakes. We ALL have heartaches and disappointments. Hopefully, we will ALL find some semblance of joy in our lives. Who are we to judge? We should live our lives attempting to share goodness with each other, help one another. After all, whom of us don’t know pain? Why willingly cause that feeling in others?

Brenda Roberts

November 06, 2016

I do think that Miranda Lambert had class during a bad time in her life. She gave herself time to get through this before speaking out. Any singer, artist, etc make their money from their fans.He is right no one really knows him or Miranda. The fans just have a connection through their music. I did enjoy his music and his humor…not so much anymore. Everyone has their own opinion…that’s mine.

Rusty Wyatt

November 01, 2016

Love Blake Have since I first seen him with my grandson In Leslie ville ca a15 years ago

Jenna Buehring

October 27, 2016

Blake Shelton forget about what those people said ur truly amazing and I love ur music and ur such a hotty wish I was with u to be there for u love ya Blake u have always been my favorite artist hope u give it all u got with ur wonderful music again go after all ur dreams Blake Shelton….

Joan mcminn

October 27, 2016

Love from stumpy point


September 12, 2016

I love country music and really love you Blake and Gwen. There’s always going to be haters. There’s always going to someone who has a big big big mouth and says things that aren’t true. Life is so short, just ignore the rumors. That’s all they are.

rachel parsons

September 12, 2016

you handle that very well

Beverly Stehling

August 24, 2016

I love you Blake & ur music & ur humor. I was shocked & kind of angry as I thought u & Miranda were a cute & great couple. But it takes 2 to tango. I’ll be honest, I don’t like GUEN. You have already inherited 3 boys,& supposedly GUEN is pregnant with twins. I feel u have jumped into this relationship too quickly.
I love & – always will. I will always love your music.

Edna Kappes

August 23, 2016

Well said Blake ! No one is twisting her arm to follow you. I think you are amazing. BLESSINGS TO YOU MR. BLAKE.

Brenda Followwell

August 18, 2016

I love you Blake Shelton, and keep doing like you have always done, proud of you, you are one of the best and don’t pay any attention to anyone, some are jealous, and they will say anything, I love your music and love you too, I’m a old widow lady and I will stand by you all the time on anything, I just wish I was younger haha I’m 73 and love you to the moon and back, you just have to look over these stupid people, some like me and some don’t, but you learn to live that this is life, take care of yourself, and always remember you have someone that will love you until I die, may the Lord bless you each and everyday Love Brenda Followwell


August 13, 2016

well I’ve been a fan of Gwen’s before Blake’s breakout on the radio and I so love them both , People think they personally know you because they listen to your music and yes you write about your life , but they don’t really know what happened in your marriage being married myself 38 years it’s tough and they can’t judge you….. keep up the great music and GOD BLESS !!!

Patty day

August 09, 2016

I love Blake …always have always will when I drive and a song comes on I say oh please let it be my boy ….you tock honeychile

Marilyn Sullivan

August 06, 2016

My girlfriends and I rented a limo and drove from Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada to Saskatoon
to see you perform there. We had a blast. The bar was open, your music was blasting and
we talk about it still. One of the best times of our lives. I never miss the Voice and I loved
your stint on Jimmy Fallon. You are the greatest Blake!

Nita Holzknecht

August 05, 2016

I’m a fan always make yourself Happy. You are great.

darla woods

July 23, 2016

Wsy to go blake. Way to sts nd your ground. And u fid it with respect. Love you and your misic. Hope you and gwen are happy. Lovecu always blaje keep the classy way u gandkev yourself.

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