Toby Keith Tests Out New Song 'A Few More Cowboys' for the Audience


Toby Keith Tests Out New Song 'A Few More Cowboys' for the Audience

As much as we love our favorite bands’ classic stuff, it fills us with excitement when they start sharing their new material. Whether it turns out well or not, it’s always an honor for the crowd to hear something before everyone else has a chance. The guests at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey got a big treat this summer when they attended Toby Keith’s show.

He was trying out his brand new single, “A Few More Cowboys,” and this lucky group of fans got to be the second audience who’d ever had the chance to hear it live.

But, just because Toby Keith’s fans love him, doesn’t mean they won’t be honest if a song doesn’t go quite as expected!

Fortunately, this simple but heartfelt song seemed to strike quite a chord with the audience; it turned out to be a major hit that night.

The song has only recently been released to radio stations around America, so if you want to hear “A Few More Cowboys” on your local station, don’t be shy: call and ask for it. Tell ‘em Toby Keith sent you!

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below:


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3 Responses

Mary Penn
Mary Penn

March 20, 2017

Love all Toby Keith’s songs and he is a great songwriter and singer.

Maria Angeles Howington
Maria Angeles Howington

February 04, 2017

I will call all Readio Station’s for them to play your new song “A Few More Cowboys”
We need men like you every where,my Golden hear. Men,you are Wonderfool fool of Qualities,you my everlasting love needs in all these Earth.
No one is like you.
You are so GOOD everithing you do,every song you sing,all that you touch my darling coming to be a master peace,because your Troutfool hearth,your passion,your love,all that you have in your heart ;reflects on your words,in the melody of your Lirics,all together you are lovely,and it is why I adore you,it’s no other like you plus you are terrific handsom,you are very powerful,and you are mine,in my heart,it is why I get stanish unspicabble arround you,you are fool of gifts,you are marbourouse singer,Coumposer,Writer,Director,and some day I wish you can be mine,I need to learn so much from you,you are mine Geniouse Wonderfool Toby.
SWAKISESS,HUGGS,and much more,I love you my Troutfool Men ,in all the way.

Kathryn Brown
Kathryn Brown

August 10, 2016

good song to baby.

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