Carrie Underwood Surprises Shoppers With On-The-Spot Lyrics of Them

You walk into a boots store and start looking around…

While you’re looking around, you start hearing a familiar song, but the words are off. “The words actually seem to be talking about me right now” is what you’re thinking.

Then she does it, she mentions something that you realize whoever is singing knows who you are and singing about you.

How awesome is that?!? They just made your day.

Carrie Underwood then comes out from the back of the shop and takes the whole thing to a whole new level.

How would you have reacted if Carrie Underwood was singing to you and surprised you? I wouldn’t be able to contain myself.

We can all thank Jimmy Kimmel Live for the great laugh with this one.

Jimmy Kimmel’s show has some of the best skits on nighttime television.

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What do you think?

Written by Brendan Wenzel

Created Cute n' Country in 2014 with my wife Sarah. Outside of this website, I help businesses use the internet to get more customers! It worked for Cute n' Country :)


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