Luke Bryan Gets Pranked By the Buck Commander Boys [Full Episode]

Have you seen this full episode of “Luke vs Game Warden” with Buck Commander?

It’s Christmas time and the boys all head out to E3 to do some bow hunting.

They started off the trip with some “Dirty Santa” gift-giving that clearly was too “adult” for them to show us what their gifts were.

It was hilarious watching Jason Aldean fall off the couch when the rooster came out of that box flying at the couch. Willie didn’t even flinch. Think he’s seen that one before?

When they are headed back from a good day hunting, they thought it would be fun to play some games with Luke.

They got one of their game warden friends to pull over Luke’s truck and then put the fear of God in him that he’s in serious trouble.

Well, it worked. I’d tell you more, but it more fun to watch it happen!

What do you think?

Written by Brendan Wenzel

Created Cute n' Country in 2014 with my wife Sarah. Outside of this website, I help businesses use the internet to get more customers! It worked for Cute n' Country :)


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